DigiSEq’s mission is to make today’s innovations part of tomorrow’s daily use. We want to make the future today: to enable ‘innovative, secure and convenient’ contactless payment devices.

  • DigiSEq- ‘The Payment Device Enabler’ providing pioneering provisioning services.
  • DigiSEq- A forward thinking FinTech company, passionate about wearable and mobile devices, innovative, unconventional, professional.
  • DigiSEq – Enabling the future of payments today, pioneering, convenient and simple, secure, scalable and limitless systems.

Our Vision: Establishing the Global Standard for Securing the Internet of Things.

DigiSEq was formed in June 2014 by Terrie Smith and Colin Tanner, two ex-MasterCard mobile payments experts, with a vision to provide pioneering provisioning services for consumer devices including RFID wristbands and smart watches.

DigiSEq is an innovative global FinTech company providing Programme Managers, Issuers or NFC wearable manufacturers the capability to enable payments on consumer devices. DigiSEq’s founders recognised the market needs and developed a solution that is efficient, secure and designed to provide scalable, cost effective provisioning. In addition to payments, DigiSEq can support the delivery of multiple applications such as Access Control, Health Credentials, Transit and Loyalty, all at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

DigiSEq Founders, Board Advisors and Management Team work together to deliver innovative, secure and easily adoptable payment device enabling solutions. Our pioneering solutions are focused to maximise Clients profits and provide ultimate Consumer satisfaction for trendy, safe and convenient contactless payment devices.

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