Cryptomathic is a world leading provider of security solutions to businesses across a wide range of industry sectors including banking, government, technology, cloud and mobile.  With more than 25 years' experience, Cryptomathic provides systems for eBanking, EMV issuing, mobile payments, PKI, ID & ePassport, advanced key management and managed cryptography, through best-of-breed software solutions and services.

Cryptomathic assists companies around the world with building tailored security systems, from requirement specification to implementation and delivery.  The combination of extensive customer and application knowledge ensures an optimal solution with the level of security you need, not just for today, but for tomorrow.


CardInk is the leading EMV data preparation system in the market in terms of functionality, security, adaptability and customer base.  It features a high-speed data generation core with advanced key management for virtually any card issuing environment.  CardInk offers data preparation for contact cards, contactless cards, and mobile with complete MULTOS support for Discover, MasterCard, SPAN, VISA and more.

CardInk is the only major system that is completely hardware vendor independent and therefore supports most HSMs and card types.  It integrates with issuing systems from Mühlbauer, Atlantic Zeiser and Datacard, and is implemented at more than 100 large and small bureaus, banks and data processors across the globe.

Cryptomathic has extensive experience with logical audits and CardInk is designed to fulfill the compliance requirements.  The built-in key management system is GUI-intuitive and guaranteed to continuously comply with the payment schemes' security and audit requirements.

With CardInk you get professional software with focus on security and flexibility. Cryptomathic's integration components allow seamless installation and deployment for central issuance, instant issuance, and mobile OTA.  It is any-time scalable to meet increasing production volumes.

The flexibility provided by CardInk ensures that customers are not tied in to one particular technology and hence ensures a high return on investment.

Cryptomathic has provided MULTOS solutions for 10 years and is pleased to assist customers with knowledge and advice.


Cryptomathic EMV CA

Cryptomathic EMV CA is a Certification Authority software.  Each payment scheme in the EMV business operates a CA for the purpose of authorising issuers and acquirers.  A payment scheme can be a global entity such as MasterCard, VISA or a regional or local scheme such as national debit schemes.

Cryptomathic EMV CA manages all CA operations including certificate issuance, export, revocation, and lifecycle management.  Cryptomathic EMV CA complies with the highest security standards and is HSM vendor independent.

Please contact Cryptomathic to hear about existing supported schemes and options for custom schemes.


Contact:                  Martin Eriksen - CardInk Product Manager


Tel:                          +45 2298 7113