Yoti is a London-based technology company on a mission to become the world’s trusted identity platform. Founded in 2014 by Robin Tombs, Duncan Francis and Noel Hayden, we’re a team of over 200 people with headquarters in central London, an office in India and a growing presence in the USA.

Founders Robin and Duncan were at a Spartan Race in 2014, where 10,000 people were queueing to register with passports and driving licences. The process was long, outdated and a potential security risk, with people leaving valuable ID documents in a tent during the race. There was clearly a better way of checking who people were.

Robin, Duncan and Noel saw an opportunity to harness the growth and advancements in biometric technologies and increasing smartphone usage to develop a digital identity solution that could be used both online and in person. And hey presto, Yoti was born.

The solutions we develop make it faster, simpler and safer to prove who you are, and who other people are, online and in person.

The way we build those solutions is a little different to other tech companies. With Yoti, you have full control of your own data. We will never mine your data and once your personal details have been verified by Yoti, only you can see them. Even we can’t see them.

Unlike some companies, we also think it’s important that we pay our taxes and do not engineer structures or transactions for the purpose of reducing our tax liabilities, in ways that are counter to the spirit, if not the letter, of the law. This includes our commitment not to establish subsidiaries in jurisdictions for the purpose of reducing tax. Read our tax policy here.

But we don’t stop there. Using our business as a force for good is something everyone at Yoti is passionate about. That’s why we’re a certified BCorp - internationally awarded for our commitment to rigorous standards of social, environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

For more information please visit: https://www.yoti.com/