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Smart Energy Networks (SEN) is a UK based smart metering/smart grid consultancy specialising in the secure design of smart metering products for UK and international markets.  Smart Energy Networks is represented on a number of the national and international standards bodies responsible for smart metering and payments systems.

MULTOS is an ideal solution for smart metering roll out programmes as it meets the stringent requirements of national security authorities.  MULTOS provided the ideal platform for a security module and the key management system provided the means by which devices can be quickly and easily commissioned in the field with complete security.

MULTOS has also been proposed to meet the increasing requirements for pay-as-you-go energy through the use of contactless credit card technology and the security features provided by MULTOS

MULTOS activities
Smart Metering and Pay-as-you-go systems, smart grid applications, Internet of Things related to smart home controls where security is required.

"We support MULTOS because MULTOS is simple to implement yet highly secure.  It's proven technology and trusted.  The cost is within the limits required for mass deployment of consumer type applications."

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