Founded in 2004, paySmart (formally SMARTCON I paySmart) is the leading provider for independent EMV (debit, credit private label and vouchers) in Latin America and a long time pioneer in electronic payment solutions. 

paySmart operates the whole EMV ecosystem - card, EMV scheme and key management, certification authority, data preparation, personalization, authorization, terminal and host - with millions of cards in the field.

The company is also a local distributor of FIME Test Tools, Thales cryptographic devices and DataCard printers.

paySmart has been a member of the MULTOS Consortium since 2010.

Independent EMV applications for MULTOS

paySmart has developed one of the first independent EMV applications for MULTOS, commercially available since 2004, and has both contact and contactless variants of this application available today for MULTOS and MULTOS step/one.

The application is currently used by more than 10 million people in debit, credit and voucher transactions at major acquirers worldwide.

A Complete Solution in the cloud

paySmart has a complete solution, in the cloud, for data preparation and card authorization.

All data preparation can be executed in the cloud, generating secure, confidential MULTOS Application Load Units (ALUs) that can be directly sent to personalization bureaux or instant issuance printers.

For EMV Authorization, paySmart offers a full-grade EMV authorization system capable of validating cryptograms and generating scripts for Visa, MasterCard and American Express applications.

Training and Consultancy Services

Due to our unique view of the whole EMV payment ecosystem - working at dataprep, card, terminal and host level - paySmart can deliver EMV training and consultancy for specific projects.  We have a strong background and reference EMV specialists with several years of expertise in EMV projects worldwide.

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Contact:                  Daniel Oliveira - Business Development Director


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