Multos International







Multos International is a founding member of the MULTOS Consortium (previously operating as the smartcard division of Keycorp Ltd) and has been involved in the development of MULTOS products since it’s inception over 12 years ago.  The most visible aspect of our business are the MULTOS modules or chips that we provide to over 35 card manufacturing partners globally, working with many of the world's leading financial institutions, system integrators and government-issued identity programs.

Our team, with development centres in Australia and the UK, and sales and technical support offices dispersed around the world,  have collaborated with major payment schemes, transit providers and government agencies to produce not only the MULTOS products, but also the applications and tools necessary to implement world-class smartcard installations. This includes working with all the major global payment systems, as well as local/regional ATM and debit schemes.

The development and sales of secure smartcard technology is supplemented by a technical support team that strives to provide the highest level of customer-focused technical and business support. These specialists are dedicated to ensuring customers receive timely support and training at every stage of their smartcard programmes.  The expertise of this group extends to technical consulting, specification development, EMV parameter setting and training on all aspects of the smartcard ecosystem.


Multos International offers a complete range of MULTOS products.

  •     4K, 8K, 16K, 32K contact only MULTOS step/one
  •     8K dual-interface/contactless MULTOS step/one
  •     8K, 18K, 36K, 68K contact only MULTOS
  •     12K, 20K, 36K, 80K dual-interface/contactless MULTOS



We have developed a range of off-the-shelf applications, focused on the payment/EMV and identity markets.

Our range of applications include:-

  •     MasterCard approved applications.  M/Chip2.06, M/Chip4, PayPass, M/Chip Advance
  •     Visa approved applications.  VSDC/qVSDC (VIS1.4.0, VCPS2.0.2)
  •     Discover/Diners approved applications.  D-PAS 1.3
  •     JCB approved applications. J/Smart v2
  •     CUP approved PBOC applications.  PBOC 2.0
  •     PKI (full PKI card application with PC-side client s/w for MS-CAPI and PKCS#11)

We also offer application development services, or training for those companies that wish to use our MULTOS platform products but wish to develop their own applications.


Tools, Training Programs and Consultancy Services.

Based on our extensive experience in EMV migration and government identity programs, our technical experts are available to offer consulting or training to meet your specific requirements.

Our training modules range from general overviews of the MULTOS technology, to detailed packages for application developers, or personalization bureau service providers.

Our tools are offered in conjunction with our platform or application products and are aimed at helping to ease the process of bringing the smartcard project to issuance.

The tools include:

  •     Control Centre – key management tool for MULTOS step/one products
  •     Customisation Utility & Template Builder – tools that manage the EMV parameter setting for our various EMV applications