Euro-Smartict, founded in 1998 and headquartered in the Netherlands, is specialized in advanced authentication solutions. Over the years, our security architects and subject matter experts have assisted organizations in securing their businesses around the globe.

Our services and solutions have provided significant values in securing different projects including:
‒ Airport Security & Biometric Border Control
‒ Secure Access and Transaction Signing to Internet & Mobile Banking  and Brokerage Systems
‒ National Identity Cards,  e-Passports and Mobile Inspection Systems
‒ Secure Access to Patients and Emergency Records

Our expertise with authentication, cryptography and smart cards goes back to mid the 1990s and MULTOS in particular to mid the 2000s. This know-how has made us able to successfully deliver the smart card applications, middleware and back-office validation services to the largest National Identity Cards project in the Middle East and the MULTOS-based security modules to one of Europe’s most innovative airports.

Euro-Smartict has chosen MULTOS as its preferred chip application platform due to it clear yet secure and solid structure, flexibility of application management, isolation and delegation, data preparation and post issuance.

Euro-Smartict provides a number of “off-the-shelves” MULTOS based suites:
‒ National e-ID and e-Passport Suite
‒ Two-factor Authentication Suite
‒ SAM Server Side Suite

Tailor-made MULTOS applications are designed, implemented and delivered as well upon request.

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