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Consult Hyperion is a UK and US based independent IT consultancy specialising in secure electronic transactions.  We help organisations worldwide explit new technology for secure digital services, from mobile payments, mobile wallets and Chip and PIN to contactless ticketing and smart identity cards.  Our highly trusted and globally recognised expertise and thought leadership, as well as our flexibility, responsiveness and technical knowledge ensures our clients reach their goals and meet their customer expectations in a timely and cost-effective way.

Consult Hyperion offer strategic and technical consultancy in secure electronic transactions. Application areas covered include payments, transit ticketing, identity, contactless, mobile payments and wallets, government and financial inclusion.

Mobile Money Practice

Consult Hyperion has been active in mobile money since the technology's earliest days, when it was engaged by Vodafone to assist in the development of the M-PESA service in 2004.  Since then, Consult Hyperion has been deeply involved in the extensive developments in the sector, as mobile money became a significant business in 2007 with the launch of M-PESA in Kenya.  The mobile money industry has mushroomed since then and Consult Hyperion has worked on some of the most significant of the hundreds of similar services already launched across the globe and still in development.

Our Mobile Money Practice (MMP) is able to offer the expertise of some of the most experienced people in the sector, several of whom worked on the initial pilot and launch of M-PESA in Kenya and have since gone on to support many other new mobile money services in Africa and Asia.  We have also worked on European mobile financial services, with their differing technical and commercial requirements.  Our team has a deep understanding and extensive experience of all aspects of developing, launching and operating mobile money services around the world working with mobile operators, banks, NGOs, donors, and a variety of third parties.

This unparalleled mobile money experience is supported by Consult Hyperion's detailed knowledge of conventional payments and new, disruptive technologies.  If expertise is needed for example in cards (contact or contactless), terminals, biometrics, NFC, or a range of other payment specialities, we can call upon our Consult Hyperion colleagues' experience and abilities to support the Mobile Money Practice.


Application Support

Hyperlab is Consult Hyperion's technical team of IT professionals with well-developed skills in various forms of development (application, web, mobile and embedded), testing certification, systems design and systems administration.  The team is experienced in taking functional specifications and requirements through a software development lifecycle (SDL) to produce the desired output in timescales appropriate to our client's needs.  The SDL utilised places significant focus on security, testing and client feedback such that the development stays on track with our client's requirements even when these may be fluctuating as the project progresses.  In particular the team has significant experience working with new technologies and specifications which are still undergoing changes whereby they provide significant feedback to the client on both the suitability and capability of technologies and business concepts to be implemented in the real world.  These include a range of environments including:

  •     SIM ToolKit
  •     J2ME
  •     Javacard
  •     MULTOS
  •     Java
  •     .net
  •     Microsoft.NET
  •     Windows Phone
  •     Android
  •     iOS development (cross platform development with Xamarin tools)
  •     BlackBerry
  •     embedded C
  •     HTML5
  •     Python

Testing is a particular speciality using our in-house laser calibrated testing rig.

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