ABCorp Custom Card Systems has been in business since 1960. In 1983 we began offering instant ATM card systems in the US. Since then, we offer a wide range of applications for Financial Institutions: PIN Management, Card Fulfillment, Instant Card Issuance Solution and over 50 years of experience servicing a complete line of Card Personalization Devices.

We offer a full line of custom card solutions scalable for any card issuing organization. From Retail, Healthcare, Government and Financial Institutions worldwide ABCorp CCS solutions are market leaders in innovative value added products to achieve superior customer satisfaction. Developing trusted solutions is our number one goal for our customers.

With ABCorp CCS instant issuance solutions, cardholders can walk into your branch, open a new account or replace a lost or stolen debit or credit card, and walk out with a personalized, secure payment card in a matter-of-minutes. By giving your cardholder immediate purchasing power, you can expect to increase customer satisfaction and improve your portfolio performance.

We supply MULTOS card products and have developed our own MULTOS instant issuance software application platform that integrates directly with all the processors. The interface pulls the card records into our software and creates the EMV Data. We install our solution at bank and credit union locations, and offer training and ongoing service contracts for hardware and software support.

ABCorp CCS has released an innovative new web based instant issuance solution, download here: Evolve Instant Issuance™

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