The Hub joins The MULTOS Consortium

The Hub joins The MULTOS Consortium

Posted on 06 February, 2013 in Category

London, UK6 February 2013 – The Hub Company, a UK based issuance and payment acceptance platform solution provider, has joined the MULTOS Consortium, a group of international blue chip organisations responsible for the promotion and development of the MULTOS specifications.

Joining as a Professional Partner Member, The Hub can take part in the development and growth of MULTOS, whilst benefiting fully from the Consortium’s marketing and networking resources with Members that span the secure smart device industry. 

Sam Rudder, CEO, The Hub, says “We are delighted to join the MULTOS Consortium. We have been integrating our issuance platform for MULTOS products for over 4 years. As a result we were able to release a unique service for both instant issuance and in market ‘perso’ with MasterCard approval in 2011. We are now ready to open up issuance of secure devices using MULTOS multi-application products for both mobile as well as cards used for every day payments.”

Stuart Attwood, Commercial Director of the MULTOS Consortium, comments “With the continuing success expanding into existing EMV, government identity, and progress in new markets MULTOS is exploring within the Mobile commerce environment, The Hub is a welcome addition to the Consortium. Their long experience designing solutions for numerous top tier customers, coupled with an extensive background in e-commerce and software-as-service provision, they bring an exciting dynamic to the table, and we are very much looking forward to developing new opportunities with them.”


About The Hub:           

The Hub Company, founded in 1995, own a proven and award winning software platform which manages both content and function ‘over the air’ of in market issuance and payment solutions. In 2006 The Hub became the first company to receive the RBS bank accreditation for EMV payment acceptance on an ‘Unattended Payment Terminal’. This solution has helped process over £300m revenues in transit ticketing alone since launch. More recently The Hub also became the only ‘Trusted Service Provider’ of MasterCard and their in market card and mobile issuance service referred to as MasterCard Mobile Provisioning Framework.

Company Contact:        Sam Rudder

Tel:                               +44 203008 6269


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