SmartDeck upgrade in development

SmartDeck upgrade in development

Posted on 18 October, 2014 in Category

The current SmartDeck tools have been around for many years and were constructed long before Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) came into being. Today, developers require tools that allow them to construct complex projects, edit, build and debug code all in one environment. MAOSCO, therefore, has been working with consortium members to develop a new IDE for MULTOS based around the popular Eclipse framework.

Eclipse is well known to modern developers and comes with many plug-ins to make it suitable for different programming languages and target platforms. For MULTOS, MAOSCO has chosen to work with the C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT). This instantly provides a whole host of benefits and development features to MULTOS developers. A new debugging engine links Eclipse to SmartDeck's MULTOS simulator (and in fact any other simulator that complies with the debugging engine interface) for debugging. An Eclipse plugin links SmartDeck's compilation tools to the IDE. The new tools will also fully support codelet development and debugging.

The new environment is currently undergoing beta testing and it is hoped that it will be ready for general release early in 2015. Please note that all existing MULTOS code will still work in the new environment. Notification will be sent to existing registered users of SmartDeck with details of how to download the new version when available.

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