MULTOS Shines at the Royal Holloway Smart Card Centre Open Day

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The Royal Holloway University of London ISG Smart Card Centre held its 13th Open Day on Wednesday 2nd September where industry organisations, post graduate students and industry lecturers came together for a day of networking, exchanging of information and demonstrations of products and technology.

As an established industry standards organisation, the MULTOS Consortium (MAOSCO) participated at the open day as a sponsor and exhibitor showcasing a wide range of smart technology solutions for payments and other uses that require similar levels of security.

The MULTOS exhibits included remote wristband personalisation of an EMV application, an example ID application on the same wristband, live application provisioning and management of a smart meter, and an example of how MULTOS could solve some of the security issues that are beclouding the reputation of connected cars*. 

The array of exhibits succeeded in impressing the majority of those who attended resulting in MULTOS winning the “Best Industry Exhibitor” award at the event.

Also this year, the MULTOS Consortium awarded a new prize in commemoration of Stuart Attwood**, a highly respected member of MAOSCO who sadly passed away earlier in the year.
The criteria to win the prize included:-
• A project with innovative use of smartcard technology
• A solution for personal privacy, security and new use cases
• Clarity of presentation
• A project where MULTOS would be a good fit

After careful selection by Chris Torr, Technical manager of MAOSCO, the Stuart Attwood Award was presented to Miss Shreya Singh, an MsC student at Royal Holloway University of London for her project on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks secured using smart card technology.

As part of the prize, Miss Singh was given a MULTOS developer kit which will aid her in the implementation of her thesis.  Miss Singh says "The award has provided me with the right platform and encouragement . I would like to thank MULTOS for recognizing my work and giving me this amazing opportunity."

The MULTOS consortium wishes Miss Singh all the best in pursuing her future career.


Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks - by Shreya Singh


Applications of a vehicular ad hoc network includes providing safety and comfort messages. A malicious vehicle can in turn take advantage of such a safety message and use it for his own advantage. Thus, securing these networks is the need of the hour. To solve this problem proper authentication is required. This project solves two other important security requirements along with authentication- access control and privacy. To provide secure authentication, a token based approach is proposed. Four entities- manufacturer, on-board unit, road-side unit, and authority work together to provide authentication. Also, the on-board unit of the vehicle contains a smart card which is used to store a secret which in turn is shared by the manufacturer and the authority. A challenge response protocol is then followed, using which authentication is guaranteed. During the process, two different tokens are generated. These tokens differentiate the authorities and the road-side units and uniquely identify the vehicle. For vehicle to vehicle communication, the tokens are used. If a vehicle has a valid token, it can communicate with the other vehicles which are part of the same vehicular ad hoc network. Two types of malicious activities are defined-low intensity and high intensity malicious activity. A reputation based blacklisting of a malicious node is proposed.


MULTOS is the most robust, industry-backed high security smart card platform, delivering simplicity and innovation to the world’s leading card and e-passport issuers. With more than 650 million issued smart cards across 45 countries, hundreds of issuers, including national governments, banks, corporate enterprises and transit authorities have taken advantage of the high security, multi application platform for their deployment programmes. A wide range of applications including, Chip & PIN payment, contactless payment, authentication, digital identity, biometrics, loyalty and mass-transit ticketing may be implemented, and co-reside, on a MULTOS powered chip.
Contact:  Natsuko Callan

About RHUL ISG Group
The Smart Card Centre was originally founded in October 2002 by Royal Holloway University of London, Vodafone and Giesecke & Devrient. Today it receives support from a wide range of organisations, most notably Orange Labs (UK), the UK Cards Association, Transport for London and ITSO. It is a testimony to the world-wide reputation of the Information Security Group, that such major organisations chose to locate and support the Smart Card Centre at Royal Holloway.
The primary objective was to create a World-Wide Centre of Excellence for training and research in the field of Smart Cards, applications and related technologies. Over the years this has expanded into RFID, NFC, mobile devices and general embedded/implementation system security.


*For more information on MULTOS for payments and beyond, visit the MULTOS youtube channel

**On 1st June 2015, MAOSCO announced the devastating news of the death of a colleague and friend, Stuart Attwood who was the Commercial Manager of MAOSCO. Stuart was dedicated to the technology and was committed to raising awareness of MULTOS at the grass roots level by supporting institutions such as the RHUL ISG Smart Card Centre.  Donations in his memory can be made to Cancer Research UK.

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