Multos International announces new Discover D-PAS Dual-Interface Application

Multos International announces new Discover D-PAS Dual-Interface Application

Posted on 03 October, 2013 in Category

Singapore, 3rd October, 2013 – Multos International announces the launch of the new Discover D-PAS Dual-Interface application available for EMV migration on Discover, PULSE and Diners Club International networks. This latest application by Multos International complies with the new D-PAS contactless specification from Discover, and is certified across the latest range of MULTOS “step/one” and MULTOS product families for SDA, DDA and Dual-Interface (SC4, MC4 and ML4 platforms) applications. This opens up a new world of payment options for Discover cardholders, especially for use cases where speed of transaction is important such as transport. 
“Discover and Multos International have a long history of working together since the first D-PAS EMV,” says Richard Cusson, Managing Director of Multos International. “We are very pleased to be at the forefront of the Discover chip technology roadmap, building on our strong experience in dual-interface products. Having now worked on numerous D-PAS EMV migration projects around the world, we are confident that our latest product offering will be well received and easily deployed by issuers on all the Discover network brands, including regional networks utilizing D-PAS.”

Troy Bernard, Head of Advanced Payments at Discover, said “It is important for us at Discover to be able to offer a broad range of products to our network issuers and their partners, in the United States and abroad.  We are happy to work with Multos International and offer these dual-interface products ready to meet the needs of our expanding acceptance of Discover, Diners Club and PULSE brands.”


Editor’s note: EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa; SDA stands for Static Data Authentication; DDA stands for Dynamic Data Authentication; these are globally certified application protocols and technology standards for secure payment transactions

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