A brief look back on MULTOS in 2012

A brief look back on MULTOS in 2012

Posted on 15 December, 2012 in Category

A note from Stuart Attwood, Commercial Manager of MAOSCO Ltd.

Being asked to sum up 2012 for MAOSCO, the most appropriate word that sprang to mind was “New”; a common theme with MAOSCO during this busy year. 

Firstly, we welcomed Chris Torr, our new Technical Manager in January, who has had an immediate impact on the scope of what we are able to deliver to our Consortium members. The new http://www.multos.com website was launched, and straight away began to see a significant increase in visitors and interest, from a truly global audience.

We also were very happy to announce our 2 new Consortium Members; Discover Financial Services and FIS, with whom we have been able to develop close and fruitful relationships.

2012 saw us focus on 2 new markets; North America and China, and we exhibited in both of these during the year. North America saw MAOSCO representing the Consortium in both Salt Lake City, and also at the new Cartes America in Las Vegas, where interest in what MULTOS can offer the emerging EMV and mobile markets in the region was truly overwhelming. October saw us in Shanghai for the inaugural Chinese MULTOS World Series event; widely agreed to be a huge success. MAOSCO also ran a MULTOS World Series event in Argentina, another new territory for us, raising awareness and understanding in this exciting emerging market.

The new MULTOS Training Kit was launched, offering a comprehensive set of tools, tutorials and procedures to assist developers and people new to MULTOS a means to see for themselves how the complete MULTOS Scheme operates. This can be used as a stand-alone kit, or in conjunction with the new Application Developer training programme that can now be offered.

MAOSCO has been focussing on a new area for us; mobile and NFC, of which we now have a number of papers, published in a wide range of global readership industry magazines, highlighting the unique advantages that MULTOS can bring to the mobile ecosystem. This culminated in our new exhibition booth at Cartes Paris, with an exciting mobile provisioning and post-issuance demonstration, generating unprecedented levels of interest. This interest has continued unabated since the November event.

So, what will the New Year bring? Where 2012 was “new”, I would like to submit the theme for 2013 is “expansion”. This extends to membership offerings, events, markets, promotions; anywhere we can improve service to our members, assisting them and the MULTOS product in continuing to flourish. Leading off with our first MULTOS World Series events in Salt Lake City in February, we are looking forward to another exciting year of innovation, development and growth.


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