MULTOS Contactless Payment stickers

MULTOS Contactless Payment stickers

Posted on 07 July, 2014 in Category

Multos International now offers an advanced contactless stickers solution

Payment stickers are one of the most efficient products to bridge the gap between current payment cards and the upcoming mobile payment wave. There are already financial institutions and retailers issuing or planning to issue contactless sticker products to fulfil the need of customers to easily make payments if they only have their mobile phone with them.

A sticker is a form factor that is smaller than a standard credit card which can easily turn a mobile handset or any other portable device into a new way to make contactless payments. It can potentially boost the issuer's brand as well as the number of card transactions that customers make, especially in transactions that may have previously been mostly cash based.

In addition to increasing contactless awareness, the sticker technology becomes a card companion that helps to validate the possible future prospect of customers using a mobile phone to make some payment transactions - in other words, changing consumer behaviour in small steps. Customers can make quick, easy and secure payments by simply tapping their handset (which has the sticker attached) to the POS terminal.

The whole process of enabling a customer for mobile payments is as easy as attaching the sticker onto their preferred handset/device and start paying with it. Stickers can be issued as a complement to an ordinary payment card (companion) as well as a stand-alone solution. The sticker technology is by far and away the easiest and most convenient way to enhance the payment options for the issuer as well as the customer.

Multos International now offers a contactless sticker solution, qualified to meet the performance and security criteria that we are renowned for. The MULTOS sticker is based on our latest ML4 platform - the same product that is used in card products today - and therefore also leverages the standard MULTOS benefits that come with the technology. The solution is available today for MasterCard projects, with other payment brands currently in development.

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