MULTOS Consortium exhibits at SmartEx HESCA 2-day event

Posted on 09 March, 2013 in Category

In the beautiful surroundings of 12th Century Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire UK, MAOSCO exhibited at the 2-day HESCA (Higher Education SmartCard Association) event, run by SmartEx. We had the opportunity to introduce MULTOS to representatives of Universities and other Higher and Further Education establishments from around the UK in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We also were able to showcase the Application Developer Training programme as a means for their students to gain knowledge and experience of the MULTOS Product, Scheme and hands-on application development. This was very well received by all we talked to, including numerous representatives from industry.
Awareness of MULTOS and the advantages it can offer continue to reach a wider and wider audience, and we will be building on the contacts made at this event to help train the industry leaders of tomorrow.

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