MULTOS at Cartes Paris 2013

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The MULTOS booth was a thriving hub of activity at Cartes Paris with people interested in the latest MULTOS solutions offering, with visitors keen to understand more about the MULTOS technology, or quite simply, with friends stopping by to catch up with the members of the MULTOS community.

This year’s booth theme was based on the MULTOS consortium’s 3 core messages:-

MULTOS is EASY – because the MULTOS scheme simplifies many of the technical and commercial challenges throughout the supply chain, offering a smoother pathway to implementation.

MULTOS is FAST – because MULTOS is a streamlined, mature process.  Its efficient, built-for-purpose code provides a platform designed to cope with any market demands.

MULTOS is SECURE – because MULTOS ensures comprehensive security spanning the entire card lifecycle.

Click on the links to learn more about each of the core messages.

The centre piece of the booth was the MULTOS demo cube showcasing the ease with which MULTOS enables mobile provisioning.  Visitors were able to see live on the booth, the personalisation of a MULTOS EMV application, loading of the application on to an NFC capable MULTOS microSD card inserted in an android mobile phone, and instantly using the phone with the newly loaded, personalised EMV application to make a contactless payment via a standard contactless EMV terminal. 

The solution was a collaborative success delivered by our Consortium members, MasterCard Worldwide who provided the M/chip Advanced EMV application, Multos International who provided their latest NFC capable microSD card, and Thales who provided the dataprep component. 

[MULTOS in motion – MULTOS mobile provisioning explained.]

The demo also enabled the personalisation of two other applications; a physical access application loaded on the MULTOS  microSD card which was used to open a hatch on the demo cube to access limited edition MULTOS branded wireless computer mice, and a loyalty application which activated a space invaders game.  Those who entered the game had a chance to win an Amazon Kindle HD which was sponsored by our Consortium member, paySmart

We are pleased to announce that the Amazon Kindle prize went to Mr R de Rooij of Screen Check BV.  Congratulations Mr Rooij!

During the show, the Consortium announced a significant milestone for MULTOS, the shipment of over half a billion MULTOS devices around the world.  This called for a celebration and drinks were served all around together with MULTOS celebration cupcakes!  The cocktail drinks were generously sponsored by Multos International.


The party atmosphere was further heightened by our Brazilian friends from paySmart who demonstrated their bar tender skills and made amazing caipirinhas from excellent quality cachaças.

Thank you to Multos International, to paySmart, and to everyone who joined us in our celebration!




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