MULTOS platforms are built on standards and offer a solid reliable base on which any EMV application of any brand may reside. EMV applications deployed include all the well known international schemes such as American Express, JCB “J-SMART”, Mastercard “M/Chip” and VISA “VSDC”.

As well as Mastercard credit and debit EMV transactions, the Mastercard Integrated Card Application (MICA) for MULTOS application also supports the latest specifications for Mastercard payment applications such as Mastercard Pre-Authorised, Chip Authentication Programme (CAP) and Advanced Authentication For Chip (AA4C). When used with a MULTOS platform featuring a contactless interface, MICA also supports Mastercard PayPass contactless payments and mass transit features.

The VSDC for MULTOS application conforms to the latest VIS specification and also supports VISA payWave contactless payments when using a contactess or dual-interface MULTOS card.

Financial institutions often need to deploy domestic payment applications alongside the international applications. MULTOS allows domestic applications to be deployed in conjunction with the off-the-shelf international application, enabling features such as shared PIN across all applications. Examples of domestic applications deployed include Interac (Canada), SPAN (Saudi Arabia), JBA (Japan), K-Cash and TMoney (South Korea), FISC (Taiwan), B0’ and Moneo (France), Banricompras (Brazil). Other applications that add value to the payment card may be deployed, such as loyalty, coupon and data storage or home and internet banking applications.

MULTOS provides a financial institution with the most advanced, flexible and future-proofed payment card platform available. In addition, the MULTOS step/one platform offers the most cost-effective way to deploy a multi-application EMV program using applications implementing Static Data Authentication.