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In connected consumer device markets the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) represents huge potential. Industry estimates for the number of unique IoT applications developed by 2020 are a quarter of a million, and predictions for IoT devices in 2020 range from 24 billion to 200 billion. The global IoT market has been forecast to be worth $14 trillion by 2022. However consumer IoT devices often require flexible application lifecycle management with trusted secure provisioning and updating. MULTOS technology delivers these.

Wearable IoT consumer product providers can leverage MULTOS Trust Anchors, comprising embedded integrated circuits with the loaded MULTOS Operating System. It provides an ultra-secure execution environment which protects the wearable device from malware and other digital attacks. MULTOS Trust Anchors support provisioning from cryptographic services from hosted or licensed MULTOS Certificate Authority platforms, facilitating full end-to-end protection, and ultimately contributing to the protection and longevity for the brand.

Today there are an increasing number of applications and new functions being provided from wearable devices. One such function being added is contactless NFC payment. MULTOS has a strong heritage in EMV smart payment application support both for contact cards and contactless cards and wearables. The MULTOS standard was initially designed with EMV payment in mind and as such is an ideal secure and flexible technology to use for provisioning payment applications to wearable devices.

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