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Smart Energy Management

Smart Meters are considered part of the wider IoT eco-system and promise to offer a range of benefits to businesses and consumers. For the consumers Smart Meters can allow a greater level of utility consumption monitoring and control, thus potentially improving utility management and reducing wasteful consumption. For utility businesses the meters can improve efficiencies associated to billing and overall utility management. Aside from the commercial and consumer gains Smart Meters are seen as an eco-friendly upgrade.

Millions of Smart Meters have already been installed as part of major national roll outs and initial pilots. The very nature of using Smart Meters that are connecting to central systems and using electronic communication protocols to transfer data can increase the risk of cyber-attack. The technical solutions and security architectures deployed can vary from one implementation to another, some may be considered more secure than others, and the complexity and flexibility provided may also differ. For some where a high level of security has not been implemented that could be a cause for concern and may lead to reported issues in the future. For connected devices in general, various reports have highlighted the need for a much stronger focus on security.

Smart Meter IoT product providers can leverage MULTOS Trust Anchors, comprising embedded integrated circuits with the loaded MULTOS Operating System. It provides an ultra-secure execution environment which protects the Smart Meter from malware and other digital attacks. MULTOS Trust Anchors support provisioning from cryptographic services from hosted or licensed MULTOS Certificate Authority platforms, facilitating full end-to-end protection, and ultimately protecting the Smart Meter asset and the associated data and service.

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