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Connected Devices

The growing markets of business and consumer connected devices represent huge potential benefits which permeate business, consumerism, technology, and society. Common phrases for this evolving paradigm include; the second digital revolution, the fourth industrial revolution, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT emerging technology is predicted to mature and reach mainstream adoption over the next few years. Industry estimates for the number of unique IoT applications developed by 2020 are a quarter of a million, and predictions for connected devices in 2020 range from 24 billion to 200 billion, which may rise as high 500 billion in 2030. The global IoT market has been forecast to be worth $14 trillion by 2022.

Connected Devices can be considered as a generic market covering consumer and business devices such as; Connected Vehicles, Smart Wearables, Smart Home products, Smart Grid / Energy / Meter devices, and a range of Industrial IoT solutions. Regardless of their communication technology, connected devices often require flexible application lifecycle management with trusted secure provisioning and updating.

Solution and service providers can leverage MULTOS Trust Anchors, comprising embedded integrated circuits with the loaded MULTOS Operating System, which provides an ultra-secure execution environment, protecting the device from malware and other digital attacks. Critical data transmission can also be secured to and from the device. MULTOS Trust Anchors are supported by cryptographic services via hosted or licensed MULTOS Certificate Authority platforms, facilitating full end-to-end protection.

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