As part of the recent growth in the mobile payments market and the strong emergence of NFC as a communications methodology for handheld devices, the MULTOS product offering is ideally placed to provide the security, compatibility and portability required for these implementations.

Security has always been one of the cornerstones of the MULTOS product. Integration into a mobile or NFC environment is straightforward and requires no changes to the MULTOS platform, guaranteeing the protection provided remains uncompromised. Issuers can be rest assured that their end-user data and applications are guarded by the highest security platform commercially available.

MULTOS Mobile Working Group was set up to ensure that the MULTOS specifications are compatible with existing NFC specification documentation, and to work with implementers and vendors, providing input and feedback on market trends and requirements.

There are already MULTOS products available on microSD card today, and development is ongoing, providing further implementations designed to suit customer needs.