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A tip when writing Shell Applications


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Its a good idea when you are writing Shell Applications to include support for the following APDUs used by MUtil so that you can use it easily during development:-

1) Get MULTOS Data 800000007F
Call Get Multos Data primitive to get the information

2) Get Manufacturer Data 8002000016
Call Get Manufacturer Data primitive

3) Select Master File 00A4000000
To allow Get MULTOS Data and Get Manufacturer Data to be called.

4) Select Directory File 00A40800022F00
To allow selection and reading of the Directory File

5) Read Record 00B2nn04Le (to read the “selected” Directory File)
Call Get DIR File Record primitive

Once you’ve finished developing the application, you can if you wish then remove these APDUs if you don’t want your final application to support them.