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Small error in multosmisc.h from SmartDeck 2.3


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Please note that line 27 of multosmisc.h is missing a comment marker.

// This macro allows the application to perform a card block operation. All of
// the parameters to the macro must be compile time constants. If the call is
// successful, *blocked is set. For more information please refer to the
MULTOS documentation.
#define CardBlock(offsetMAC_hi, offsetMAC_lo, okay) \
do {\
(PRIM0x05offsetMAC_hioffsetMAC_lo); \
(PRIM0x05);               \
(PRIM0x01, (1<<3), 1);     \
(STORE__typechk(unsigned char *, okay), 1); \
while (0

If you are using this include file, please add the missing // at the beginning of the line. This error will be corrected in the next release of SmartDeck.