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How to load MULTOS OS into a smart card ?


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Hi There,

I’m a newbie to the smart card world. Pardon me if my questions are so silly.

1) How to load a MULTOS to an smart card/ secure element ? i.e ST33

2) Is there any minimum hardware requirements set for a smart card to run MULTOS OS?

3) Do you provide MULTOS kernel ?

4) The idea : I want to bring up a smart card with Multos and write a Mifare read application on top of it. Please give me some direction


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Hi. In answer to your questions…

1,2 & 3) You buy the chip with the OS already loaded. The current range of products can be found in the MULTOS Implementation Reports.

4) Some MULTOS cards with contactless support already support MIFARE (e.g. M4-P17).