Develop MULTOS applications for free

SmartDeck, the development environment for MULTOS applications can now be downloaded and used for free. Register for your copy here.

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Tools and SDK

MULTOS SmartDeck - Develop smart card applications, for free!

MULTOS SmartDeck is a complete high-level language application development system for MULTOS that combines all the features that you need to develop compact, efficient programs using 'C', assembler and the Eclipse IDE. You can register for and download a copy here. Please report any problems using the Developer Support contact form or if you are a forum member please ask a question there.

There are some introductory slides to using SmartDeck with Eclipse here.

As of SmartDeck it is possible to use an Android mobile phone (with NFC) as a contactless card reader using DroidScript. Click here to get the script, icon and instructions.











MUtil - A simple to use, multi function tool for managing content on MULTOS and step/one smart cards. Documentation for this tool can be found in the Technical Library.

ROM keys for live masks are published on the StepNexus website.

MULTOS IoT Development Kit - Security for Embedded and IoT devices

For embedded, connected, and IoT devices, the MULTOS Hardware Root-of-Trust microcontroller is an efficient and flexible solution to provide security and usability options for a whole range of applications and devices. It can be integrated as the main device microcontroller managing device functionality as well as secure services or can be added to existing designs as a crypto co-processor. The MULTOS OS is a complete security framework reducing the effort required for prototype development and the time to market.

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