Technical Library

The technical library contains a comprehensive guide to MULTOS technology and provides resources for developers of applications, tools and related systems (e.g. personalisation, data preparation). A synopsis of each document in the library is provided below. Click on the links to download each document (in PDF format).

  • MDG – MULTOS Developer’s Guide : Provides an introduction to smart cards in general, describes the MULTOS architecture and application development principles using many ‘C’ and MEL examples for common tasks.
  • MDRM – MULTOS Developer’s Reference Manual : Contains functional descriptions of  MULTOS APDUs, the MEL Instruction set, and MULTOS Primitives.
  • GLDA – Guild to Loading and Deleting Applications: Describes the elements involved in loading and deleting applications and how they inter-relate.
  • GALU – Guide to Generating Application Load Units: A detailed description of how to create a personalised ALU.
  • CAPIv2 - MULTOS Standard C-API: Documents the 'C' interfaces available to MEL instructions and standard MULTOS primitives. This is a new version of the C-API more suited for use with Eclipse CDT and standard from v3.1.0.7 of SmartDeck. It is still possible to use the original C-API for backwards compatibility with existing applications.
  • MUM – MULTOS Utility Manual: A guide to the MUtil application available available for free download in the Developer Centre.
  • FIF –MULTOS KMA File Interface Formats: This document is needed to integrate output from the KMA into personalisation tools.
  • MIR - MULTOS Implementation Report: This document is now published as a section of this site.

There are also the following guidance papers:-

  • Delegation : Describes how to delegate control from one application to another.
  • Enablement : Briefly describes the enablement process, its purpose and how to do it.
  • Shell Applications : Describes how to write applications that are selected by default and process all commands. Used for example to mimic single application cards or to support terminals that do not send a Select Application command.
  • Keys : A guide to the keys used by MULTOS; their names, location and usage.