Developer News

5th August 2020: MUtil released

Some bugfixes and new options for communicating with MULTOS devices.

5th December 2019: MDRM Updated

The MDRM has been updated for MULTOS 4.5.4

8th July 2019: SmartDeck released.

Consolidation of patches and bugfixes with some new features added.

7th November 2018: SmartDeck released

Bugfixes and some minor new features added.

13th April 2018: Documentation update

CAPIv2 and MDRM are now updated for MULTOS 4.5.3

Developer Centre

Key points

  • MULTOS provides an easy way to develop, test and deploy high-security applications using the C programming language.
  • It is also possible to develop, or part develop, applications in MULTOS Assembler.
  • Applications are portable between different MULTOS implementations.
  • There is no need to re-write applications when you choose a different smart card supplier and no need to re-write the card and application management systems that manage their lifecycles either.
  • MULTOS provides the highest degree of interoperability of any smart card platform, because every MULTOS platform is Type Approved to comply with specifications.


As well as the resources for download, The MULTOS Consortium provides free of charge developer support for application developers and personalisation and card management system developers via our Developer Support mailbox.

There is also a forum for application developers which is open to Consortium members, those who have downloaded SmartDeck or attended a course.