Trust Core Details

What is Trust Core?


Trust Core is a member of the MULTOS Trust Anchor development kit range.

It is provided with sample software to allow evaluation of the MULTOS platform in a number of IoT use cases.


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Trust Core is designed to be hardware compatible with a Raspberry Pi ™ Model 3B (including 3B+) and Arduino™ UNO R3. It can be used with many other microcontroller development boards, including Raspberry Pi Model 4 and ARM based STM32.


  • "Raspberry Pi" is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
  • This board is not an official Arduino product. All support requests must be directed to





Functionality Summary

The sample software supports:

  • RSA key generation & storage
  • RSA signature generation & verification
  • RSA encryption/decryption
  • ECC key generation & storage
  • ECC Diffie Hellman key agreement for TLS
  • ECC DSA signature generation and verification
  • TLS / DTLS 1.2 authentication, key exchange and message encryption / decryption
  • AES key generation
  • AES CBC & GCM mode encryption and decryption
  • Hardware based true random number generation (TRNG)
  • SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 secure hashing
  • SHA-1 and SHA-256 based HMAC
  • Key management functions (generation, export, import, merging).
  • PIN management functions

Using Trust Core

Installation instructions for Raspberry Pi can be found in the PKCS#11 Implementation Note.

On Raspberry Pi you can use a subset of the standard PKCS#11 v2.40 API (C/C++ programming) or our TLS 1.2 API (C/C++/Python 3 programming). Source code for both is available on GitHub. A binary distribution (debug build) for Raspbian 10 is available here.

Otherwise functionality is accessed via application protocol messages sent over the appropriate hardware abstraction layer. To request a copy of the low level API document please use our contact form.


Trust Core has been designed to support AWS IoT Greengrass running on Raspbian. With its HAL and PKCS#11 library it has successfully obtained certification under the AWS Device Qualification Program. Full instructions on how to set up a Raspberry Pi to use AWS IoT Greengrass can be found in the PKCS#11 Implementation Note.




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