MAOSCO is the Secretariat body of the MULTOS Consortium, providing agnostic, non-biased support and representation to all Consortium members, regardless of their competitive position. The day to day management of MAOSCO is led by the Executive Team comprising the Commercial Manager, Technical Manager and Marketing & Communications Manager.”

MAOSCO’s role falls into three main areas; Specification management, commercial/marketing and technical activities.

Specification management gives MAOSCO responsibility for licensing the MULTOS Specifications and for Type Approval of all MULTOS products. Having the Secretariat control these ensures consistency and universal compliance across the complete MULTOS scheme.

MAOSCO also organises and chairs the Business Advisory and Technical Advisory Groups and the Consortium Council; the bodies comprised of members within the Consortium that guide the development and evolution of MULTOS. MAOSCO also provides business development and technical training and support to all members, regardless of membership level, as well as carrying out application developer training and other specific training modules.

A large part of the MAOSCO role is raising the profile of the MULTOS Scheme globally. This is achieved through active participation in trade shows, speaking engagements, White papers, and a quarterly newsletter. As part of the commitment to member impartiality, MAOSCO marketing initiatives focus on MULTOS brand & technology “awareness” rather than sales.