The MULTOS Consortium is an open, membership body dedicated to the development and promotion of MULTOS as the highest security global standard for smart cards.

Membership of the Consortium is available on a non-discriminatory basis to any company or organisation that wishes to sign up to the membership agreement and pay the annual membership fee. Most members are technology suppliers to or customers of the smart card industry, however the membership also includes systems integrators and consultants from the wider Information Technology sector. There are two main objectives for the member-driven activities within The MULTOS Consortium, specification development and product marketing. The Consortium has a strong customer and member-driven approach to both activities. Our philosophy is based on delivering a MULTOS technology platform that meets customer needs, allows competitive supply of products and services and that then further evolves to meet emerging and future customer requirements, followed by joint marketing of products and solutions of all members. There is a continuous programme of different member activities to support this approach.

Within the Consortium are a number of working groups that focus on different aspects of the Consortium's work; the Business Advisory Group, the Technical Advisory Group and the Mobile Working Group. These is turn report to the Consortium council, which votes on any changes to policy or Specification.