Trusted Renewables Limited, a MULTOS Consortium Member and industry pioneer specialising in renewable energy, carbon reduction and smart metering has been awarded first place in the Internet of Things (IoT) category at the prestigious 2017 SESAMES Awards competition. Announced at the 2017 Trustech show in Cannes, the submitted innovation “Harvesting Sunshine from Solar Gardens with Smart Solar Panels” contains embedded secure MULTOS technology and communications circuits which link them to an IoT smart energy ecosystem.

The MULTOS chip in the Smart Solar Panels resists cyber-attacks and serves as the IoT “Trust Anchor.” Secure applications running on each chip allow energy trading using “smart contracts” and validate renewable energy payments with “certificates of origin”. Individual panels can be grouped into a “solar garden” where investors receive tradable rights to be rewarded for the renewable energy produced by “their” panels. The SESAMES are the awarded each year to the best technology innovations in the trust-based technologies industry.

Colin Mallett, CEO of Trusted Renewables, says “We are delighted to receive this industry recognition on behalf of our project consortium which includes a team from the University of Hertfordshire Smart Laboratory. The awards recognise our invention of a new secure renewable energy payment ecosystem which increases demand for secure microprocessor chips. These can support new smart secure IoT applications linked to cryptocurrencies and blockchains, themselves the “biggest change to financial services in recent memory. MULTOS allows us to deliver robust, highly secure technology solutions for green energy projects enabling wider adoption of cleaner, more sustainable energy”.