Welcome to the MULTOS University, the knowledge centre for MULTOS related training and education. Browse the entries below for your required topic and download documentation in a variety of formats on all aspects of MULTOS and the MULTOS Scheme. The MULTOS Consortium members have deep and varied experience of all aspects of the MULTOS lifecycle. The University provides a forum to browse MULTOS-related training courses offered by our membership, and apply directly for these online. If there is a course or document you can’t find, please let us know at, and we will endeavour to get it added to the prospectus.

MULTOS - An Overview A brief introduction to MULTOS; The Product, the Scheme and the Consortium ppt 15 mins approx. online MAOSCO Ltd. n/a FOC n/a
MULTOS protecting the IoT A video showing how MULTOS could be used to provision an application and protect communicated data in a Smart metering scenario Video 10 minutes online MAOSCO n/a n/a Intenet Explorer
PKI and how it relates to the MULTOS Scheme An explanation of PKI, Asymmetric and Symmetric key cryptography and how these are used in the MULTOS Scheme PowerPoint
30 minutes pc MAOSCO n/a n/a pc
MULTOS in Motion Video Short video showing provisioning of an EMV App to a Mobile phone over the Internet Video 5 minutes online MAOSCO n/a n/a Internet Explorer
MULTOS Application Developer Course A comprehensive introduction to the technical aspects of the MULTOS Operating System, to gain practical experience in developing, compiling, debugging and loading applications Lecture-
1 day Customer MAOSCO 12 $1,000/day + T&E Some prior ā€™Cā€™ programming knowledge, as well as understanding ISO 7816-4 basics
The Benefits of the MULTOS Key Scheme and Loading A high level presentation explaining scheme keys & the MULTOS load mechanism PowerPoint
20 minutes n/a MAOSCO n/a n/a none