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MULTOS celebrates 20 years of Secure and Flexible Technology

The launch of the MULTOS operating system back in 1997 was a pioneering step and opened up an exciting new market for third parties to develop applications and products for smartcard projects. MULTOS was the first Open, High Security, Multi-application operating system for smartcards, and helped drive the evolution of the smartcard industry.

Originally MULTOS was developed to serve as robust platform for a revolutionary electronic purse application, and it was soon evident that the flexibility, interoperability, and performance of MULTOS could have wider appeal to support many other types of applications such as EMV payment and secure ID. A true testament to the design and management of MULTOS is that it is the only smartcard operating system to have achieved the Common Criteria EAL7 security approval.






Today MULTOS remains robust and flexible due to the constant evolution of the open MULTOS standard over the years. The technology is industry backed by many global competing smartcard product and solution vendors, along with esteemed technology experts and consultants. Over 1 billion MULTOS devices have now been shipped, to some 3000 plus businesses all over the world.















As smartcard markets become more advanced with contactless and biometric applications MULTOS is at the heart of such industry trends and developments. Many new markets such as the Internet of Things and connected devices are also opening up to leverage the core benefits that MULTOS has to offer. With cyber-crime on the rise and an increasingly hyper connected world developing it is clear MULTOS has a diverse and key role to play in our digital future.


The MULTOS community is celebrating the 20th anniversary of MULTOS on the River Thames in London in June 2017. During the event, selected speakers representing key businesses from our ever-evolving digital ecosystem will share important current trends, their own experiences and learnings, and will highlight the potential future MULTOS technology may have in the Digital Security landscape. The honoured guest speakers include leading industry figures from Consult Hyperion and Pen Test Partners, fully established MULTOS issuers from Banrisul, Buypass and Woodforest National Bank, and long-standing partners of MULTOS, FIS, Multos International, paySmart, and Mastercard.