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DeltaCrypt is a leader in information technology security solutions.  For over 10 years, DeltaCrypt has met with the growing needs of different organizations by providing leading edge technology and valuable expertise.  A key factor in the company’s success is DeltaCrypt’s trusted customer relationships.

Should an organization have special requirements that cannot be met by commercial off-the-shelf products or should it have specific authentication or security needs that require ingenuity and expertise, DeltaCrypt team can provide consulting services and customized technology to meet with these special requests.

Organizations benefit from the DeltaCrypt team of experienced engineers and developers to get secure, reliable and innovative technology that is trustworthy.

DeltaCrypt can help improve data security. Our expertise makes the difference. Canada’s Department of National Defence trusts us, why not you?

DeltaCrypt Core Competencies

• USB and Smart Card Tokens
• PKI Authentication
• Customized Security Applications
• IT Security Consulting Services
• Encryption Protection Applications
• PC Security
• Mobile Device Protection and Control

MULTOS products/services

DeltaCrypt DUSK Suite Trust provides strong authentication with smart cards. These card applications run on MULTOS operating systems to offer the most secure solution on the market.

Whether it is MULTOS enforced application memory space or its secure application loading and deleting, DeltaCrypt firmly believes that MULTOS makes no compromise in setting the highest security standards, and so does DeltaCrypt.

MULTOS activities

DeltaCrypt is a solution and service provider to the Canadian National Defence.  In 2010, DeltaCrypt was awarded the first contract whose original purpose was to provide the Canadian Department of National Defence with a prototype USB token that could be used on several networks of multiple independent layers of sensitivities.

Over the different contracts, DeltaCrypt authentication features were adapted to use MULTOS contact and contactless smart cards. To offer enhanced military security, DeltaCrypt strongly recommended MULTOS smart cards which provide superior security measures that the military looks in securely accessing sensitive digital assets.

MULTOS product/service highlights

DeltaCrypt DUSK Suite Trust provides strong authentication for single and multiple domains.  Its smart cards token relying on MULTOS secure technology offers an unparalleled solution.







DeltaCrypt smart cards may be utilized to authenticate to a single domain or to be partitioned to work on several networks. When DeltaCrypt smart cards are used on multiple domains, complete domain segregation is maintained with highly secure barriers implemented into the solution. To offer optimal flexibility, a single certificate may be set to perform all cryptographic operations or a separate certificate utilization may be selected.










These smart cards are part of the DUSK Suite Trust, a dependable solution for security conscious governments and commercial organizations alike.

Security is the most important factor which distinguishes the DUSK Suite Trust solution from any other solutions available on the market. Not only is DUSK Suite Trust secure, it leverages on military security to benefit commercial organizations.


Download: DeltaCrypt working with MULTOS

“We support MULTOS because security is MULTOS’ utmost important feature that contributes to making DeltaCrypt smart cards unique, trustworthy and reliable."

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