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On 16th October, the MULTOS Consortium hosted its first MULTOS World Series event in China at the Pudong Shangri-la hotel in Shanghai.  With the announcement made by the People’s Bank of China earlier last year to convert all payment cards in China into smart cards by 2015, this timely event was well attended by major issuers, vendors and suppliers, all with keen interest to gain further insight in to one of the most befitting smart card operating system platforms available today.    

The day’s proceedings began with an overview of the MULTOS technology including case studies from around the world, presented by the MULTOS Consortium’s representative company, MAOSCO Ltd.  Presentations from the Consortium’s member and affiliate organisations, Multos International, Infineon Technologies, Gemalto, Silone, and TechTrex, provided information on a wide spectrum of readily available technologies and services on MULTOS, demonstrating not only the in depth knowledge, expertise and skills that already exist but also confirming MULTOS as one of the best-fit operating systems for all smart card implementations. 

The coffee breaks, lunch and post-show cocktail reception provided an excellent platform for networking between the presenters and delegates. The opportunity for introductions, exchange of information and experiences were highly appreciated by all who attended. 

Each delegate also received a live MULTOS card to experience post-issuance download of a MULTOS application over the internet.

One of the highlights of the event was keynote speaker and distinguished guest, Mr Chai Hongfeng, Executive Vice President of China Union Pay.  CUP joined the MULTOS Consortium in November 2011 and has been an active and enthusiastic member.  During his address, Mr Chai stated;

 “CUP would like to introduce, together with members of the MULTOS Consortium, the full set of solutions for MULTOS card issuance to the Chinese banks and card manufacturers, to push forward the development of China’s banking IC card technology and support the migration of China’s banking IC card. 

Since joining the Consortium, CUP, together with MULTOS, began to construct the key infrastructure of MULTOS card issuance, the iKMA, in March of this year.  As of July, the testing environment of the iKMA has been set up and it is now ready for MULTOS card issuance in China. 

MULTOS has accumulated plenty of technologies and rich experiences in the area of multi-applications and secure card management from card issuance outside of China.  I hope that  this MULTOS World Series event will build up a communications channel, form a good and interactive working mechanism between banks, enterprises and members of the MULTOS Consortium, to facilitate together, the development of the chip card industry in China.”

The MULTOS Consortium would like to thank all who took part in delivering this highly successful event.  If you would like further information on this or future events, please contact


Please follow the link below to view the presentations from the MWS China event.

The MULTOS Consortium

MULTOS Introduction; Product, Consortium, MAOSCO

Stuart Attwood - Commercial Manager, MAOSCO Ltd.

Multos International

Product Roadmap for China

Richard Cusson - Managing Director, Multos International

Tianbin Chen – Sales Manager, Multos International

Infineon Technologies

Infineon chip products with a reference to MULTOS Open Platform & future trends

Zhao Zhongyi - Sales and Business Development Manager, Infineon


Gemalto in China and how to make the most out of MULTOS

Virginia Chan – Marketing & Business Development Manager, Gemalto


Smartcard activities in China and Case Study-stories

Rome Jetté – SVP Silone CardTech

Ju Linhu – General Manager, Silone


Leveraging International Issuance Experience for China – with MULTOS Case Studies

Victor Chan – EVP, TechTrex


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